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Chaat & Street Food

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When it comes to Indian Chaat & Street Food , then there will be no comparison of food with it. Either you are talking about Delhi Chaat, Mumbai Chaat, Indore Chaat or Kolkata Chaat, ll these Chaat & street food are famous all over India. The Crispy Aloo Tikki from... more

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Breakfast Recipes

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Indori Poha

Quick & Healthy Breakfast Recipes Breakfast is always the most important meal of the day. So, always try to make it special. We have great collections of simple and healthy Indian breakfast recipes for your family and kids. Browse our section to get some delicious, easy and quick vegetarian and... more

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Brunch Recipes

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Spanish Eggroll

Sunday Brunch Ideas Mix and match of late breakfast and early lunch with our selection of Brunch Recipes. Find a fresh twist on your morning Sunday brunch menu with your favourite dish. So, plan a relaxing morning in your weekend with our simple and easy brunch ideas.     Eggless... more

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Gujarati Recipe

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Gujrati Dhokla

Gujarati recipe is one of the oldest culinary cuisine of India and mainly vegetarian. This Gujarati dish has special place all over India because of its sweet touch on every dish. Khaman Dhokla, Rawa Dhokla, Thepla, Khattimithi dal all the varieties in vegetarian recipes will surely make change of your... more

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Lunch Box Recipes

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Meethi Ki Poori

Lunch Box Recipes for Kids It always creates problems for the mothers to discover new ideas of lunchbox for their kids so that they can bring back the tiffin box empty. Even the elders also need varieties in their lunch box so that they don’t feel bored with the same... more

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South Indian Recipe

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South Indian Recipe

    Onion Tomato Uttapam: It is a popular breakfast from South-India. Not only in South-India but people from any part of India has now chosen this healthy dish as their breakfast, tiffin or lunch box dish.     Rice Idli  Idli is always healthy and comfort food for all... more

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Lunch & Dinner Recipe

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Bharwa Karela

Explore various types of top rated, easy to cook and quick recipes for your lunch & dinner from different part of India at The Masala Route. Enjoy our collections of lunch and dinner recipes and learn how to make your normal meal into a magical twist.   Punjabi Kadhi Pakora... more

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Party Food Recipes

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Egg Malai Curry

We all love to have parties but when it turns to you, you might be first thinking about the menu. Whether it is Kitty Parties or Birthday Parties, Marriage Anniversary or any other occasion, always do some really exciting things with the little plates of heaven. So, start your party... more

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North Indian Recipes

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Tandoori Chicken

    Bharwa Karela – Stuffed Masala Karela Stuffed Masala Karela is one of the famous side dish of North India. You will not imagine that the bitter Karela could be so tasty with such spicy masala until you take this.       Aloo Methi Recipe Aloo Methi is... more

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Raita Recipes

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Mango Raita

Yogurt based side dish; Raita is one of the loved dishes in India. It is not only limited to Indian fare only. It is the best fiend of Biryani and can also use as side dish in any of your meal whether it is lunch or dinner recipes. It forms... more

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