Cucumber Chilli Salsa

Cumcumber Chilli Salsa

    The red chili burst with lemon juice in the cucumber give a fresh taste in this Salsa/Salad. You can also add tomato, red onion, coriander leaves if you want. Try this recipe at home.


    • 1 Cucumber
    • 2-3 red chillies chopped
    • 2-3 green chillies chopped
    • ½ tsp lemon juice
    • ½ tsp Chaat Masala powder
    • 1/3 tsp black salt/normal salt
    • chopped coriander leaves


    Step 1

    1. Cut the cucumber into small dice.
    2. In a medium bowl, mix the cucumber, chat masala, black salt, chopped red and green chillies and 3-4 drops of lemon. You can add chopped coriander leaves and mix it well.
    3. Cucumber Chlli Salsa is ready to serve.


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