Kitchen Tips

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Kitchen Tips
  1. For Fluffy Omelets: Add a little milk or tbsp of water to get fluffy tasty Omelets.
  2. Retain white colour of Cauliflower: Add a tbsp of milk in the recipe while cooking cauliflower to retain it white.
  3. To get fluffy Rice: Add a tbsp of lemon juice while cooking rice to get white and fluffy rice.
  4. To thick onion tomato base gravy: Soaked and grind 5-6 cashew nuts or blanched almonds to get a fine paste and thickened gravies.
  5. To get crispy Bhindi/Laddies finger fry: Add 1 tbsp of lemon juice or curd while frying the bhindi. It will make the bhindi crispy and also prevent the stickiness.
  6. Not to get tears while chopping the onions: Cut both the ends of onion, peeled it and wash it on the cold water.
  7. To get softer paneer: Deep the paneer into warm water before adding it in gravy.
  8. Retain green colour of peas: Add pinch of sugar on the boiling water of the peas to retain their green colour.
  9. Preserve Ginger garlic paste for longer period: Adding tbsp of hot cooking oil on the ginger garlic paste and after mixing it well store it in the refrigerator.
  10. To get Crispier Pakora: Add a 1 tsp corn flour on the batter to get crispy pakora.


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