Ice Cream & Kulfi Recipe

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Chocolate Ice-cream


Chocolate Ice Cream:

Ice Cream is all time favourite for all whether it is kids or adults and if it is Chocolate, then there will not have any chance to say no.



Fresh Mango Ice -Cream


Fresh Mango with Ice Cream:

When it is the time of the king of fruits of the season, hen Mango Ice Cream will add one more step on your enjoyment. Feel the amazing flavor of Mango Ice cream at home



Mango Kulfi


Mango Kulfi:

Mango Kulfi is basically frozen milk and mango based Indian dessert. This is one of the yummy and delicious all time favourite flavour which will never fails to please anyone.



Jamun Fruit Yogurt Ice-cream


Jamun Fruit Yogurt Popsicles or Jamun Fruit Kulfi:

Indian blackberry is a seasonal food on summer in India. Use this deep purple colour food in making of yummy tasty popsicles or kulfi.



Frozen Fruits Ice-Cream


Frozen Fruits Popsicles:

Experience the refreshing homemade colorful frozen fruit popsicles by finding the step by step method from TheMasalaRoute.



Yogurt Grapes Kulfi


Yogurt Grapes Kulfi:

Easy to make Yogurt Grapes Kulfi is yummy and tasty to have in this summer.



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