How to Make Oreo Cake at Home

  • Prep Time : 5m
  • Cook Time : 20m


  • Oreo Biscuits – 20
  • Milk – 1 cup / 240 ml
  • Eno :- 1 Sachet
  • Sugar – 3 tblspn
  • Coco powder :- 2 tblspn
  • Fresh cream / Malai :- 1tblspn
  • Water :- 1 bowl


Step 1

1.Saperate cream with oreo biscuits and crush them and take oreo cookies in a mixer. Powder them.
2.Now add milk and puree them to a smooth mix.
3.Now add Eno.
4.Now take a microwave safe bowl and grease it with butter .Pour the batter in the bowl and put it in the microwave on high for 5 mins.
5.Once it is baked, remove it from oven and let it cool completely before inverting.

Step 2

6.Take cream in a bowl which is saperated from oreo cookies and add 1 tblspn fresh cream / malai and mix it very well.
7.We put 1 tbl spn cream in piping bag and add 1 tblspn milk in the bowl and again mix the rest of the cream.
8. Cut the cake from center and divide itvtwo part and spread the cream in one part and put the other part upon on this cream.
For :- chocolate ganache :- 9.Take one Pan and put Coco powder, Sugar and water. 10.Put this pan on the gas in medium flame and stire it continually untill it became thick. 11.Now pour the ganache on the top and coverd full cake by this and smooth top with an offset spatula.

Step 3

For Decoration:-
12. Take 2 chocolate and put this on the top in the cross mode and take some gems chocolate and put it in the border on the cake with same distance.
13. Now write the Happy Birthday by the piping bag and decorate the cake as wish by piping bag's cream.
Now your delicious cake is ready. 👉👉👉 After freezing this cut and survey.

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