Indian Sweets

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Gajar Ka Halwa


Kaju Barfi or Kaju Katli:

Kaju Barfi is one of the popular sweets in Indian desserts. Learn step by step cooking tips and prepare this recipe at home to surprise your family.




Apple Jalebi


Apple Jalebi:

Apple Jalebi is innovative yet sweet dish to prefer in a dessert. It is made with apple and given the name of Jalebi. Find this recipe at The Masala Route.



Suji ka Halwa


Sooji Halwa / Semolina Sweets:

Sooji Halwa or Semolina Sweets is a very special recipe that is very basic sweets and loved by whole India. It is very tasty recipe and can easily make at home.



Gajar Ka Halwa


Gajar ka halwa/ Carrot Sweets:

Get the traditional way of making Gajar Halwa or Carrots Sweets without any shortcut in home. It can change the taste of your tongue after doing lunch or dinner.



Shahi Tukra


Shahi Tukda or Indian bread pudding:

Shahi Tukra is a royal rich dessert recipe. This is Mughlai dessert making in a traditional way but very much accepted sweets in India.



Payesh or Kheer


Payesh or Rice Kheer:

Rice Kheer recipe mainly cooked from basmati rice or Gobindi Bhog rice is a delicious recipe and famous in all over India. It has various names in various part of India.



Rasogolla or Rasgulla


Rasgulla or Rasogolla Recipe:

Rasogolla is one of the favourite sweet not only in Bengal but also throughout India. Learn step by step process of making rasgulla which could easily melt in your mouth.



Mango Sheera or Mango Sooji Halwa


Mango Sooji Halwa or Mango Sheera:

Mango Sheera or Mango Sooji Halwa is a very authentic Seasonal dish which is quite similar to the process of regular sheera or sooji ka halwa. Let’s get the recipe.

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