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Chingrir Malaikari

Bengali Food


Bengali Cooking is always famous for its delicious Bengali fish recipes or for yummy sweet dishes. Collection of veg and non veg items, our Bengali food section gives you perfect ideas and recipes about the delicious Bengali cuisine. Either you are having your breakfast, lunch or dinner, any meal of the day can be a great source from Bengali food recipe.



Bhetki Macher Rasa/ Bhetki Fish Rasa:
Bhetki Macher Rasa is mouthwatering dish from Bengali cuisine which becomes more tasty when cooked by the best chef in a bengali household-MOM ( Ma er hater ranna). Try this All Time Bengali favorite Bhetki Macher Rasa in home.



Kalai er Dal


Kalai er Dal or Biuli Dal:

Kalai er Dal is one of the favourite Bengali dish. It could be the best thing that can happen during the summer afternoon lunch.



Panch Mishali Tarkari


Panch Mishali Tarkari / Five Vegetable Medley:

One of the very famous veg preparations of Bengal is Paanch Mishali Tarkaki or Five Vegetable Medley . Add this recipe in your everyday recipe food and I am sure you all will love this.



Dhokar Dalna


Dhokar Dalna:

Dhokar Dalna is a master piece of Bengali Cuisine. It is one of the most popular vegetarian dish. Get entrapped (Dhoka) in this delightful dish. Get this recipe and make your lunch yummy and tasty.



Misti Cholar Dal


Misti Cholar Dal/ Sweet Split Chick Peas:

Bengali Chholar Dal is a festive dal that is often made during festival or any celebration like Durga puja and all. Cholar Dal recipe can be served with Luchi or rice too.



Chinrir Malaikari


Chingri Malaikari:

Learn how to make Prawn Malaikari or Chingri Malakari which is absolutely delicious recipe of Bengal.  This recipe cooked in coconut milk or coconut gravy which makes this recipe yummy and tasty.



Morola Macher Jhaal


Mourala Macher Jhal:

Mourala Mach or Mourala Fish is actually a small fish that can be used for charcharai, jhaal and so many other Bengali recipes. Find the Mourala Macher Jhal Recipe here.



Chanar Dalna


Chanar Dalna:

Chana is the basic ingredient that is used to make sweet in Bengal, but you can also use this Chana to make something savoury , then Chanal Dalna is really a great option.



Tel Koi


Tel Koi or Koi Macher Jhal: 

Koi Mach or Koi fish usually makes the entry in the winter season on the market. However, it is a small fish but it tastes awesome and can be prepared in many ways. But the most celebrated dish you can say as Koi Macher Jhal or Tel Koi.


Tangra Macher Chorchori


Tangra Macher Chorchori:

Tangra Macher Chorchori is one of the famous Bengali recipes which you can say coming from proper Bangla. Find this Sukno tangra chorchori recipe here.



Lau Chingri


Lau Chingri:

Lau Chingri (Bottle Gourd Shrimps) is one of the favoruite dish of Bengal. It is the combination of Shrimps and bottle gourd. This is simple yet so tasty. Try this recipe at home.



Shorshe Parshe


Shorshe Parshe:

This recipe is dedicated to all the bongs who love to eat Parshe Fish. Shorshe Parshe is orefreed as one of the tasty dish of Bengal.




Murir Moa


Murir Moa or Puffed Rice Balls/Laddu:

Murir Moa is mainly a giant size ball or laddu made with Puffed rice and jaggery. This is delicious Bengali recipe which you can take anytime a day.




Charapona Macher Jhol


Chara Pona Macher Jhol

Chara Pona Macher Jhol is a light dish with baby rohu or baby katla in Bengal which is very healthy dish. You can also prepare this dish if anyone is ill.



Grilled Pomfret Fish


Grilled Pomfret Fish:

Grilled Pomfret Fish is a delicious fish starter marinated with Yogurt and some Indian spices and then grill in the oven till golden and crisp.



Rasogolla or Rasgulla

Rasogolla or Rasgulla Recipe

Rasogolla is a great invention by Nabin Mayra of Bagbazar, Kolkata. Among the sweet dishes of Bengalees, it is on the top of the lists of taste buds. Rasogolla is entangled with Bengali’s daily life even in songs and poems also. It is incomparable other than sweet dishes. It is the sublime achievement of Bengalis as a creative product.

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