4 Tips for Meat Eaters in Abu Dhabi

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If you are a hearty meat eater planning a trip to Abu Dhabi, you are in for a thrilling time. Emirati cuisine is one of the most unique in the world, and every dish is a new, fascinating experience.


There are plenty of excellent restaurants and street food options in Abu Dhabi, so you won’t find it too hard to find an exceptional meal.


Before you visit, here are four tips for meat eaters traveling in Abu Dhabi.

  1.  Indulge in some fine dining

As a modern and cosmopolitan locale, Abu Dhabi has some incredible fine dining restaurants on offer. You can find cuisine from all over the world, from Chinese to French, Lebanese to Moroccan.


In between trying the street-food, you should certainly make a couple of dinner reservations at some of these exquisite establishments. Perhaps you fancy the best steak in Abu Dhabi or dream of an evening spent eating in the desert. Additionally, there are plenty of romantic restaurants in Abu Dhabi which can set the mood for a honeymoon or a getaway with a loved one.


While traveling in Abu Dhabi, you should take advantage of the world-class cuisine and ensure a taste of it is part of your itinerary.

  1. Embrace street food

Depending on where you reside, street food may or may not be a local custom. In Abu Dhabi, however, street food is a popular means to grab a quick, relatively cheap meal.


When traveling to Abu Dhabi, certainly consider having a few meals on the streets. Not only will this save you some money, but it will also enable you to sample a wide array of meat dishes.


Shawarma should be your first stop as it is the most common street food in the area. If you haven’t tried one before, then imagine thinly sliced chicken, lamb, or beef in a soft flatbread and then loaded with fresh vegetables and a delicious spicy sauce.


Another meaty option is a shish tawouk sandwich, which consists of thinly cut chicken, vegetables, and pickles seasoned with garlic and spices in a flatbread. The perfect lunch in Abu Dhabi!


  1. Consider trying camel

One of the greatest parts about traveling abroad is the opportunity to try entirely new dishes. When vacationing in Abu Dhabi, you will have the chance to eat camel.


While you may have never considered it before, it is actually a very common and much-loved dish in Abu Dhabi and can be found on many menus. In fact, several traditional dishes feature camel as the main ingredient.


For example, you can try stuffed camel which comes with herbs and spices inside. If you want something a little less obvious, opt for a camel stir-fry, a camel burger, or a camel pizza (yes, it can be a topping!). For those travelers with a sweet tooth, camel chocolate is an option, and the camel milk is filled with vitamins for a guilt-free chocolate fix.


Generally, camel meat is celebrated as a healthy option for carnivores, as it is loaded with vitamin C, while remaining light in calories.


Although you may presume that camel meat is expensive, the reality is that there are so many camels in the area that it is actually a very affordable meat option. Another reason to give it a taste!


  1. Don’t expect any pork

While you may be gorging yourself on camel, you aren’t going to be finding any pork on the menus, as Abu Dhabi is a Muslim region.


So, take a break from pork, and enjoy the succulent lamb, beef, chicken (and obviously camel) that is offered. Most chefs prepare these meats with a heavy dose of spices, so you are guaranteed to be presented with dishes different from what you have tried before.

Have you ever traveled to this region? What were your favourite estaurants in Abu Dhabi? Dishes? Let us know your top tips and recommendations in the comments below!


Franck Mottais is the Operations Manager at Tourism Development & Investment Company or TDIC. With a true passion for food and beverage operations, Franck’s personal goal is to consistently deliver the highest quality of guest service and effectively run distinguished establishments such as KOI Restaurant & Lounge and Boa Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi.

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