Best of Street Food in Gurgaon

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Did you know Gurgaon, apart from being a corporate hub, is also renowned for its street foods?

A luscious touch on your taste buds excite you, isn’t it? This is what is said for street foods in Gurgaon. Tossed with exquisite spices and blended with other savory ingredients, the namkeen and teekhastreet foods in Gurgaon provide pleasure to your palate. Folks visit Gurgaon from distant places just to pacify their taste cells by having those delectable spicy kathi rolls, cholabathura, kababs, Frankies and a galore of other chaats. Let us have a quick glance at the best of street foods in Gurgaon that you can order from online namkeen store.

  1. CholaBathura


Most of you will have this question running across your mind ‘Is cholaBathura healthy?’ Well none of the street foods is healthy but there is always a way of making them less dusty. The restaurants serving cholabathura in Gurgaon use refined oil and their tactics of frying bathura leave it non oily. The spicy chole blended with numerous ingredients give such flavorsome taste that one would lust after. It is hard to contain the excitement and appetite as soon as the sweltering cholabathura comes across you. Yummm finger licking!


  1. Dosa

Tried so many places but nothing could beat the taste of Gurgaon. The crispy dosarolled finely with tempting aloo masala stuffed in. They also prepare chutney incorporating various spices and veggies that gives a district flavor to the already well-prepared cuisine. You can order the same crisp dosa from an online namkeen store.

  1. Kathi Rolls

Kathi rolls are not only Gurgaon’s specialty but also one of the main dishes of Delhi as well. Just delve your mouth into it and relish the tangy spicy savor. Prepared by blending kebabs, onions, tomatoes, garlic and coriander leaves and enveloped in few distinct sauces to give it a peppery taste. You would never want to refrain from trying out this namkeen even if you are full.  The crispy roomaliroll circumscribes the veggie masala and is ready to devour.

  1. BhelPuri

Its preparation is enough to attract the no. Of folks towards. With the twirl of namkeens, moori, coriander leaves, sev, onions, tomatoes and a variety of ingredients topped up with tamarind sauce and spices, Bhelpuri can make you cry out for.  You will be able to find the bhelpuri vendor sitting at mostly every nook of Gurgaon delivering an incredible taste.


  1. Chaap


Being it masala chaap or malaichaap, in any kinds, it is one of the healthiest foods served in Gurgaon. Since it is made up of soya it is full of proteins and carbohydrates. This healthy street food is baked in tandoor and brings along a delectable taste to tender your taste buds. A must dish to try out.


  1. GolGappe

How can someone not try golgappe whilst making a visit to Gurgaon? It was previously said that only women love golgappe but with time, it has topped the list for men also. The love of spice and tangy taste has attracted a huge number towards the chaat. The famous is being served at Gurgaon.


  1. PavBhaji


Another delectable cuisine famous for its authentic taste is pav bhaji. It is prepared with mixed veggies being tossed and mashed and topped with butter to make it tasteful. The hot bhaji is eaten with fresh bread with a pinch of lemon and onions in it.


Why compromise on your taste? With a view to trying out some exotic chaats and street foods, you can order same things with the same taste from online namkeen store. It has some of the famous dishes mentioned above and many more that aren’t on the list.

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