Top 10 Quickly Refreshing Summer Heat Buster Recipes for You

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Summer Special Recipe

Summers have arrived and so is the humidity, uneasiness, sultry weather and mugginess all over. With the onset of summers, the body tends to lose a significant amount of salts and essential nutrients in the form of sweat and secretion. To fight this, we have an ongoing list of cool drinks and cuisines to maintain the temperature of the body.

From a long time, immemorial homemade recipes and drinks have proved beneficial in curbing the hot blows of summers. Be it ‘gharkichaach’ or cool ‘thandai’; we have an endless list of nutritious refreshing drinks. Now it’s time to beat the summer blues with some quickie home-produced recipes which would not only curb the heat but would do that in a tastier and healthier manner. Let’s get started!

  1. JAMUN FRUIT KULFI – What is the first thing which comes into our mind when we hear the word ‘jamun’? The purplish fruit which has a sweet and pulpy taste, isn’t it? Popularly known as black plum, Jamun is enriched with innumerable medicinal and commercial properties.


People having diabetes who cannot consume sugar in a direct manner can have on Jamun Fruit Kulfi without risking their sugar levels. Jamun fruit kulfi is a sure-shot summer heat buster with easy-to-make steps. Be assured of a healthy heart, skin and zero digestive disorders after consuming this sweet dish!


  1. MASALA LASSI – Lassi in no way is an alien beverage to us. It has been adorning our kitchens from a very long time. Buttermilk is said to possess countless supplementing properties which undoubtedly makes it the best beverage to consume in summers.


After a hectic sultry day, consume a glass of masala lassi which would act as an instant summer cooler. Not only it will smoothen your digestive tract but would keep you hydrated for a very long period of time. So this summer, say bye-bye to upset stomach and sunstrokes.



  1. GRAPE SQUASH– Find a person who does not like grapes and surprisingly there would be no one at all. Squash is such a beverage which is loved by people of all the age groups, be it kids or adults. Grapes are endearingly called as ‘queen of fruits’ because of the health benefits they provide. Grape squash directly provides protection against sunburns due to its antioxidant properties. Its pulpy flavor is liked by all and is served as a welcome drink for the guests in summers. The very tasty grape squash is the summer recipe you just cannot say no to!



  1. BANANA YOGURT SMOOTHIE If you want calcium, proteins, potassium, zinc and a number of other nutrients and that too in a delightful form of recipe, then Banana Yogurt Smoothie is your thing this summer. Just kill the heat waves with this delicious recipe which would impart delectable taste and provide cooling effects to the body.


Banana is house of instant energy and when pooled with yogurt which strengthens the immunity system; we get a refreshingly nutritious smoothie. Kick start your day with this delicious smoothie and experience a cool mind, body and heart!


  1. FROZEN FRUITS POP – It is enchanting to look, relishing and an instant mood booster too. Simply combine all the seasonal summer fruits to create a refreshing treat on this hot summer day. Inserting a wooden stick on every pop gives it a lovely look and children would not resist it ever. The benefits of all the fruits and that all in one go sounds interesting? This summer is going to be interesting and healthy this time, with frozen fruits pop recipe in your closet!


  1. VIRGIN PINA COLADA- Who isn’t a lover of mock tails? But what if I tell you that there’s a mock tail which is very soft on health and can be readily prepared at home? The answer is our very own Virgin Pina Colada. Say a big no to cold drinks this summer and munch on your favourite home-made Pina Colada. It not only glorifies skin, quenches the thirst to drink something cool but also styles your summer recipes list. This surely is a must for everyone!


  1. CUCUMBER RAITATouted as one of the best food in summers, cucumber surely lives up to the expectations. No one is isolated from its sunburn healing and relief providing qualities. Switch from plain dahi to cucumber raita, prepared by mixing chopped cucumber & curd with black salt, onion, tomato, coriander and sultriness would be miles away from you. It neutralizes the acidic content in the body and provides instant cooling for better functioning. Feel the difference this summer with this exotic dish.


  1. MANGO SALSAIt takes least ingredients in its making but provides uncountable health benefits, in one go. Mango is a renowned summer delicacy and the dish is surely a ‘hello summer’ dish. It is very high in magnesium and other nutrients which makes it a must have dish in summers. Moreover, mango in any form is never disliked by people of any age group. Modify your mango savoring techniques and slay heat blues.


  1. CHILLED MELON SOUP – 80% water, melon is undoubtedly the best fruit of summer. It hydrates the body in the finest style and leaves no toxins left out there. The chilled melon soup has the taste of the highest level, nutrition equipped and very strong cooling properties. Savor the soup this summer after a frenetic hot day and gain back all the lost energy.


  1. RABRI RECIPES – Rabri is the sweetened condensed milk and is impeccably tasty. The recipes made from rabri vary from coconut rabri, mango rabri to rabrifaluda. All these dishes have nutritional contents and are served as summer recipes in homes. Rabri despite being good in taste, comes with additional benefits of milk which make it a favorite summer delicacy!


I am firmly certain that by incorporating these home-made recipes in your daily routine, you can not only ward off summer blues but also maintain your health at absolutely no cost. Be it sunstrokes, heat waves or extreme sultriness, these recipes work for every temperament. So happy health these summers!

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