Raita Recipes

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Mango Raita

Yogurt based side dish; Raita is one of the loved dishes in India. It is not only limited to Indian fare only. It is the best fiend of Biryani and can also use as side dish in any of your meal whether it is lunch or dinner recipes. It forms an integral part with thalis, parathas, kebabas, rolls, tandooris and so many other masaledar dishes.

Here, we are going to share some famous as well as unique raita recipes that you can have any time.


Cucumber Raita


Cucumber Raita or Kheere ka Raita:

This is one of the cooling Raita made with grated cucumber and little spices. One of the favourite side dish with Biryani.



Pomegranate Raita


Pomegranate Raita or Anardana Raita

Made with fresh pomegranate and little spices of roasted cumin powder, this is a sweet raita. Easy to make and can go with lunch or dinner food.



Mix Veg or Kachumbar Raita


Mix Veg or Kachumbar Raita:

Mix veg raita is a full of falvour and colourful raita. It has also consists essential nutrients of calcium and protein. Find the easy to make raita recipe.



Mango Raita


Mango Raita

This is a sweet yogurt based raita made with ripe mango. Very tasty and yummy side dish.




Jamun Raita


Java Plum or Jamun Raita

The taste of jamun fruit has been nicely enhanced in this sweet jamun raita. Soft, pulpy and sweet jamun made this recipe super tasty.



Banana Raita


Banana Raita:

A perfect blend of sweet and spice raita that will change the taste of the raita in a spicy way. Check this easy to make recipe here.



Fruits Raita


Fruits Raita:

You can use any fruits of your choice to make this simple yet healthy mixed fruits raita recipe. This is an easy raita which can go with any of your meal or can be prepare for fasting too.


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